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Fire Alarm Company Ceredigion

Why is TechSmart the Best Fire Alarm Company in Ceredigion?

Fire alarm firm TechSmart recognises the value of safeguarding your property and the lives of its occupants. We are the leading supplier in Ceredigion of fire alarm systems and other security solutions.

Our aim is to provide each client specialist services for monitoring, fire detection, and access control. Years of experience in the field, our team of experts uses cutting edge technology, reliable service, and support to guarantee the highest level of protectio


What Our Client Says

Lucy Allison
a week ago
Fantastic customer service. Providing us with a balance of new tech and utilising current tech. And the option to upgrade other bits at a later date if we want to. Answering all questions we had giving us peace of mind. Quick response and installation time providing us with a system covering farm security
Karen Bowen
a month ago
Excellent, prompt service - knowledgeable and personable. Very impressed with the after installation service too - any queries handled quickly and all minor adjustments required by the customer carried out swiftly.
Adam Miller
6 months ago
Very professional and friendly, Will who fitted our CCTV did an excellent job. The picture quality is amazing and our thermal one has been invaluable. We got a cheap monitor ourselves but us more than adequate to view images and videos.
Hugh Matthews
10 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have been a customer of Will's services for 8 years, having repeatedly been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism of anything electrical and technical. Delighted he now has his own business, he has just serviced and refreshed our Fire Alarm, Safety Lighting, and Intruder Alarm, and installed additional remote Wi-Fi in Shepherd's Huts at The Daffodil , Penrhiwllan. Highly recommended for quality of his work and value.
10 months ago
Great service, always turns up when arranged, very respectful of the property and when working around the farm with the animals, highly recommend.

Why Fire and Security Systems Are Essential in Ceredigion

Early identification of fire dangers and quick evacuation and emergency response depends on a dependable fire alarm system. Injury, death, and property damage can all be greatly decreased with early warnings.

By early warning of fire hazards, unauthorised access, and other crises, fire and security systems lower the possibility of harm or death and enable residents to evacuate safely. Early discovery also makes emergency personnel’s response faster, which may prevent severe damage to your property.

Local building standards and safety laws frequently require fire alarms and security systems. Compliant systems are safe for your occupants and help you avoid legal trouble and liability problems.

Fires and security lapses can seriously destroy property, resulting in expensive repairs and business interruptions. Because they offer early warnings that can stop minor problems from turning into big ones, dependable fire and security systems help safeguard your investment

Our Services as a Fire Alarm Company

Our experienced personnel install security alarms in your houses and offices effectively. Here’s how:

Fire Alarm Systems

A carefully planned fire alarm system is the foundation of adequate fire protection. Our experts evaluate fire threats and design a system that maximises coverage and efficiency. A suitable system analyses building layout, occupancy, and fire regulations. Fire alarm system installation must be trustworthy. Our certified installers install your system carefully using best practices. We also install and test detectors, alarms, control panels, and communications. Successful fire alarm systems require maintenance and testing.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Our cutting-edge CCTV surveillance equipment takes you much further toward total security. Our high-definition cameras record clear, comprehensive video that enables effective property monitoring. Dome, bullet, and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras are just a few of the cameras we have to suit the needs of many different surveillance applications. With the remote viewing features included in our systems, you can view both live and recorded video from anywhere.

Voice Access Control Systems

Our advanced voice access control systems manage and monitor facility entrance points using voice recognition technology. These systems use distinctive voice patterns to verify identity, providing security simply and effectively. Speech recognition combined with keypads and biometric scanners enhances security and expedites the admissions procedure for permitted users in our systems.TechSmart's voice access control systems integrate with alarm and CCTV systems to create a security infrastructure.

Gate Automation Systems

Managing entry to your property is made easy with our gate automation solutions. Electronic gate opening and closing made possible by these systems improve security and simplify access for approved persons. Commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and residential properties are among the many scenarios for which our gate automation works well. 

Emergency Services and Support

Accidents can happen anytime, so we offer emergency help around the clock. Our Ceredigion staff can handle any issues with your fire or security systems. We offer quick and workable solutions to keep your systems operating as usual. We pledge to be available when you most need us

Why Choose Us

Why Fire and Security Systems Are Essential in Ceredigion

  • Expertise and Experience

    On TechSmart FS, experts responsible for all the things about safety and fire are found. Systems for tracking security and flames can be installed, designed, and maintained by engineers who bear licenses. As a result, they do their work as per current laws that govern such areas.

  • Comprehensive Services

    From the first consultation and system design to the installation, upkeep, and monitoring, our fire alarm company offers a full range of services to ensure your fire and security systems operate faultless. We want your experience to be easy and provide you piece of mind, knowing that your property is safe around-the-clock

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Using the most recent fire alarm and security technology developments, we provide modern systems with outstanding detection, monitoring, and access control capabilities. Our technologies are made to detect risks and security breaches quickly, giving you early notice that can save property and improve safety.

Contact us

Our first concerns at TechSmart Fire and Security are your security and safety. Do not hesitate to reach out at once for a discussion on making a booking or finding out more about the products we provide. Our fire alarm company is dedicated to ensuring you possess the tranquillity you deserve. “Call us immediately to ask about scheduling an appointment with our company or exploring our inventory because our fire alarms will make people safe while protecting property.” When working together, we can guarantee that your home is safe from fire and security breach dangers.

Phone: 01239 572022
Address: Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales   

Visit our website at to explore our offerings and read testimonials from our satisfied clients. Work with TechSmart Fire and Security and take the first step towards a safer, more secure commercial environment.


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