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Door Access


Door access systems have use in many different settings and circumstances. Among these include;

  • Residential Property Security

  • Commercial Building Access Control

  • Industrial Site Entry Management

  • Multi-Tenant Apartment Complexes

  • Educational Institution Access Control


What Our Client Says

Lucy Allison
2 months ago
Fantastic customer service. Providing us with a balance of new tech and utilising current tech. And the option to upgrade other bits at a later date if we want to. Answering all questions we had giving us peace of mind. Quick response and installation time providing us with a system covering farm security
Karen Bowen
3 months ago
Excellent, prompt service - knowledgeable and personable. Very impressed with the after installation service too - any queries handled quickly and all minor adjustments required by the customer carried out swiftly.
Adam Miller
7 months ago
Very professional and friendly, Will who fitted our CCTV did an excellent job. The picture quality is amazing and our thermal one has been invaluable. We got a cheap monitor ourselves but us more than adequate to view images and videos.
Hugh Matthews
11 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have been a customer of Will's services for 8 years, having repeatedly been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism of anything electrical and technical. Delighted he now has his own business, he has just serviced and refreshed our Fire Alarm, Safety Lighting, and Intruder Alarm, and installed additional remote Wi-Fi in Shepherd's Huts at The Daffodil , Penrhiwllan. Highly recommended for quality of his work and value.
11 months ago
Great service, always turns up when arranged, very respectful of the property and when working around the farm with the animals, highly recommend.


These are but a handful of the functions that door access systems can offer.

Keycard Access

Keycard Access lets authorised people enter with a keycard. Both residential and commercial buildings extensively employ this function for safe and easy access control.

Remote Access Control

Using a web or mobile app, administrators can remotely control and monitor access. With this function, controlling entrance permissions is made convenient and flexible.

PIN Code Entry

Access is granted by users entering a secure code on a keypad using PIN Code Entry. Where several people need access without giving separate cards or keys, this functionality is helpful.

Biometric Access

Using distinctive biological characteristics like fingerprints, face recognition, or iris scans, biometric access confirms identity. With this function, there is no need for actual keys or cards and maximum security is offered.

Integration with Security Systems

Integration with Other Security Systems enables the door access system to operate in perfect harmony with alarms, intercoms and CCTV. This function offers a whole security solution for different settings.

Multi-Level Access Control

For different users, Multi-Level Access Control enables varying degrees of access rights. This function helps to control access to restricted locations according to positions or degrees of security clearance.

Audit Trail & Reporting

Features for audit trails and reporting monitor and document access occurrences, offering thorough logs of who has accessed particular locations and when. Security and compliance demands this capability.

Time-Based Access

Time-Based Access limits admission to particular hours of the day or week. This function works well for places like workplaces or restricted zones that should only be accessible during specific hours.

Visitor Management

System for visitor management automate the procedure of allowing guests brief access. Pre-registration, badge printing, and entry and exit monitoring of visitors are common features of this function.

Emergency Lockdown

Capabilities for emergency lockdown enable doors to be immediately secured in an emergency. By keeping unwanted access out of crucial circumstances, this feature improves safety.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access lets consumers utilise Bluetooth or NFC technologies on their cellphones to open doors. Conveniently, this function does away with the need to carry actual cards or keys.

Automatic Door Operation

When access control is integrated with automatic door operation, doors are opened automatically upon authorised entry. For those with impairments in particular, this feature offers accessibility and convenience


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