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Network services are applicable in many different settings and circumstances. Among these are some of:

  • Home Networking

  • Small and Medium Business Networking

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Networking

  • Enterprise Networking

  • Educational Institution Networking


What Our Client Says

Lucy Allison
2 months ago
Fantastic customer service. Providing us with a balance of new tech and utilising current tech. And the option to upgrade other bits at a later date if we want to. Answering all questions we had giving us peace of mind. Quick response and installation time providing us with a system covering farm security
Karen Bowen
3 months ago
Excellent, prompt service - knowledgeable and personable. Very impressed with the after installation service too - any queries handled quickly and all minor adjustments required by the customer carried out swiftly.
Adam Miller
7 months ago
Very professional and friendly, Will who fitted our CCTV did an excellent job. The picture quality is amazing and our thermal one has been invaluable. We got a cheap monitor ourselves but us more than adequate to view images and videos.
Hugh Matthews
11 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have been a customer of Will's services for 8 years, having repeatedly been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism of anything electrical and technical. Delighted he now has his own business, he has just serviced and refreshed our Fire Alarm, Safety Lighting, and Intruder Alarm, and installed additional remote Wi-Fi in Shepherd's Huts at The Daffodil , Penrhiwllan. Highly recommended for quality of his work and value.
11 months ago
Great service, always turns up when arranged, very respectful of the property and when working around the farm with the animals, highly recommend.


These are but a handful of the capabilities offered by network services.

High-Speed Internet Access

High-Speed Internet Access guarantees all networked devices dependable and quick connection. Effective data transfer, online activity, and communication depend on this capability.

Wireless Networking - Wi-Fi

Without the use of actual cables, wireless networking, or Wi-Fi, offers devices smooth connection. The flexibility and mobility in a network setting depend on this attribute.

Virtual Private Network - VPN

Accessing the network securely from outside places is made possible using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Businesses with several office locations or remote employees need this function.

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management blends various security features into a single platform to simplify network security management. This capability improves defence against many different kinds of online attacks.

Wired Networking - Ethernet

For devices needing constant and uninterrupted access, wired networking (Ethernet) provides reliable and fast connections. High-bandwidth applications and vital systems will find this capability to be perfect.

Cloud Networking

Use of cloud-based services and storage is made possible by cloud networking, which also offers flexibility, scalability, and remote access. This function helps with data management and contemporary company operations

Quality of Service - QoS

Prioritising important network traffic, Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees excellent performance for necessary applications. Keeping the quality of VoIP conversations, video conferences, and other bandwidth-intensive activities high requires this capability.

Internet of Things - Integration

Connectivity of different smart devices and sensors inside the network is made possible by Internet of Things (IoT) Integration. Automation, monitoring, and management of certain settings and procedures are made possible by this function.

Network Redundancy

When hardware malfunctions or outages occur, network redundancy—backup systems and failover procedures—maintain network availability. A continuous network availability depends on this characteristic.


Scalability makes the network expandable and able to accommodate more devices and growing needs. This function makes sure the network can accommodate future growth and technical developments.

Voice over IP - VoIP

Voice over IP is the ability to converse verbally via the internet, therefore doing away with traditional phone lines. Cost savings and better communication skills are offered by this feature.

Network Security

To resist infections, unauthorized entrances, and other threats from the internet, network security utilizes such tools as firewalls, antivirus software, spam filters, anti spyware solutions, etc. 


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