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Fire and Security Alarm Maintenance Pembrokeshire

Fire and Security Alarm Maintenance Pembrokeshire

Welcome to Pembrokeshire’s top fire and security alarm maintenance business, TechSmart Fire and Security. Performance of your equipment in the area of safety and security is just as crucial as installation.TechSmart understands that having routine maintenance is crucial to having your systems operating as they should when you most need them. Our thorough maintenance plans keep your security and fire systems operating, protecting your people, property, and peace of mind.

Fire and Security Alarm Maintenance Pembrokeshire


What Our Client Says

Lucy Allison
2 months ago
Fantastic customer service. Providing us with a balance of new tech and utilising current tech. And the option to upgrade other bits at a later date if we want to. Answering all questions we had giving us peace of mind. Quick response and installation time providing us with a system covering farm security
Karen Bowen
3 months ago
Excellent, prompt service - knowledgeable and personable. Very impressed with the after installation service too - any queries handled quickly and all minor adjustments required by the customer carried out swiftly.
Adam Miller
7 months ago
Very professional and friendly, Will who fitted our CCTV did an excellent job. The picture quality is amazing and our thermal one has been invaluable. We got a cheap monitor ourselves but us more than adequate to view images and videos.
Hugh Matthews
11 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have been a customer of Will's services for 8 years, having repeatedly been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism of anything electrical and technical. Delighted he now has his own business, he has just serviced and refreshed our Fire Alarm, Safety Lighting, and Intruder Alarm, and installed additional remote Wi-Fi in Shepherd's Huts at The Daffodil , Penrhiwllan. Highly recommended for quality of his work and value.
11 months ago
Great service, always turns up when arranged, very respectful of the property and when working around the farm with the animals, highly recommend.

Benefits of fire and security alarm Maintenance Pembrokeshire

At TechSmart Fire and Security, we emphasise the numerous benefits that regular maintenance offers:

Enhanced System Reliability

Frequent maintenance lowers the possibility of false alarms and guarantees the proper operation of your fire and security equipment in an emergency.

Lower Overall Costs

By resolving problems before they need costly solutions, preventative maintenance can drastically lower the total expenses related to repairs and system downtime.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Longer equipment lifespans translate into less expensive replacements and longer security investment life.

Peace of Mind

It gives you piece of mind that your property is safe from harm and complies with safety regulations to know that your fire and security systems are expertly maintained.

Our Fire and Security Alarm Maintenance Pembrokeshire Services

TechSmart Fire and Security provides a complete range of maintenance services made to guarantee your security and fire systems are constantly operating at their best.

Regular Inspections

Maintenance of your fire and security alarms depends on routine inspections. Everything from control panels and wiring to sensors and cameras will be thoroughly examined by our skilled professionals. Before possible problems turn into major ones, these examinations help to find them.

System Testing

Maintaining anything involves testing. Our methodical testing of every part of your fire and security systems guarantees their accuracy and responsiveness. This covers checking the general responsiveness of the system, signal transmission, battery life, and alarm triggers.

Software Updates

Function and security of your system depend on keeping its software current. Updates to the programme are part of our maintenance and help to increase functionality and dependability. Updates also guarantee that any new gadgets or technologies included into your security configuration work with it.


Environmental exposure, dirt, and debris can all affect how well alarm sensors and other components work. We clean every component of your fire and security systems as part of our maintenance service, and we make any necessary modifications to guarantee peak operation.

Emergency Repairs

If your systems fail or malfunction, our emergency repair services are available around-the-clock to ensure that they are back up and running as quickly as is practical. Because our professionals can handle any kind of repair, your security coverage will be minimally interrupted.

Record Keeping

Every service and repair operation we do on your systems is documented in great detail. The performance history of your system and future upgrades or replacements planning depend on these records.

Why Maintenance is Essential for Properties in Pembrokeshire

In Pembrokeshire, routine maintenance is extra more critical because the sea air can accelerate the deterioration of electronic equipment. It ensures that the environment will not compromise the integrity and efficiency of your fire and security systems.

Why Choose Us

Why choose TechSmart FS for fire and security alarm maintenance Pembrokeshire?

  • Local Expertise

    Firmly established in Pembrokeshire is TechSmart. The extensive local expertise of our experts allows us to provide customised maintenance that considers the weather and other factors that could affect the way your fire and security systems operate.

  • Full Service Maintenance Solutions

    We provide all facets of system maintenance, from planned inspections to emergency repairs, so your alarms are constantly operational. We design our services to as closely satisfy the unique requirements of each system.

  • Maintenance by Prevention and Correction

    Our approach combines corrective and preventive maintenance to help stop any failures before they start and to promptly fix any issues that do arise. Both system dependability and little downtime are guaranteed by this dual approach.

Contact TechSmart Fire and Security Today

Never wait until a system malfunction directly endangers your life. Talk about your fire and security system maintenance requirements with TechSmart Fire and Security right now. Utilising our professional maintenance services, let us to help you maintain your systems operating at their best.

Phone: 01239 572022
Address: Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales 

Trust TechSmart Fire and Security for complete, reliable, and competent fire and security system maintenance. Ensure your peace of mind with our experienced services geared to match the unique difficulties of your Pembrokeshire home. Secure your safety today with TechSmart, where we care for your security as if it were our own.


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